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& Personnel Consultancy

Since 1990, we have been searching managers and key employees for our clients, and successfully working with them on HR projects. We were among the first members of the international network of independent personnel consulting companies, the IRC GLOBAL EXECUTIVE SEARCH PARTNERS, which, according to the Hunt Scanlon Media Agency, is the largest and most important alliance of its kind in the world. Through the network, we have been active in more than 70 localities of 46 countries on five continents.

In the Czech Republic, we are represented by offices in Praha, Hradec Králové, Brno, and Karlovy Vary. In Slovakia, the HOFÍREK CONSULTING has presence in Bratislava.

PR & Media

Our goal is a long-term cooperation based on trust and professionalism. Personnel counseling is perceived by us as a process of building mutual partnerships. The key to a mutually beneficial cooperation is the knowledge of the client's needs, its corporate culture, its work team, and, especially, an open and effective communication.

Our Team

Miroslav Hofírek
Andrea Hofírková


Radovan Svoboda
Andrea Vančíková

Karlovy Vary

Kateřina Kašperko
Daniel Záhora
   Petr Kulhánek

Hradec Králové

Michaela Balášová


Barbora Muchová


Petr Civín

International Collaboration

The HOFÍREK CONSULTING Office is a member of the IRC GLOBAL EXECUTIVE SEARCH PARTNERS, an international alliance of personnel consulting agencies that provide services in the area of executive search in almost fifty countries on all continents.
In addition to the search of top professionals and talented managers, we offer our clients valuable information about the development of the labor market, possible systems of remuneration of employees, regional business conditions and cross-cultural differences between individual countries and regions.

Regular meetings between the owners and consultants of this network or independent firms allow intensive international cooperation, open exchange of experience and thus the high quality of services. Through of this network, we are able to find top employees practically all over the world and at the same time provide our clients with relevant information about the area of interest and a broad range of sectors of the economy.

Our advantage is high flexibility, speed and personal approach. We evaluate the candidates according to their qualifications and personal profiles, and always verity the information in such a way as not to threaten the position of a client or a candidate. We reject any discriminatory criteria, nonstandard or even corrupt behavior.

Our alliance seeks to harmonize and standardize the process of search and selection of staff at the international level in such a way as to guarantee the required quality of service in all the countries where we operate. Our offices are available in more than 70 locations, and we offer our clients extensive experience in a wide range of industries and disciplines.

Our partners are motivated to successfully implement each project. Thanks to the support of the international network, our high standard of know-how on a global level is supported by a detailed knowledge of local conditions. Unlike in large corporations, our approach is highly efficient and flexible, freed from unnecessary bureaucracy and rigid processes.

For more information about our international alliance, IRC Global Executive Search Partners, visit www.ircsearchpartners.com.

Code of Ethics

Our consultants are governed by strict ethical rules in relation to all our partners - clients and candidates.


All participants are always provided the most relevant information.


Any materials and information that you entrust to us are never divulged to third parties without your prior consent.


We always verify them in a professional manner. We will not jeopardize the status of a candidate or a client.

Competence and Quality

Knowledge of the specific industries and regions is natural for us, we recommend that only those candidates who actually match the job profile.


Confidence between the consultant and the client or candidate has an essential importance. Our goal is to build personal relationships based on mutual respect and openness.

Client Immunity

Information provided by you will not be misused, for instance, to reach your employees. This form of protection is contractually regulated.


High quality of our consulting services is guaranteed by the qualifications and experience of consultants.

Equal Opportunity

All candidates is evaluated based on their qualifications and personal profile. We reject any discriminatory criteria.

Personal Approach

We always follow a personal and dedicated communication with clients and candidates, and we try to provide accurate, complete and concrete information.

Corruption and Nonstandard Procedures

Rejection of nonstandard or even corrupt practices during the competition for tenders and contract procurement is for us a matter of fact and principle.


Mánesova 28
120 00 Praha 2
+420 224 990 160


T. G. Masaryka 883/53
360 01 Karlovy Vary
+420 353 339 600


Gočárova třída 480
500 02 Hradec Králové
+420 495 518 823


Veselá 12
602 00 Brno
+420 542 210 649


28. října 3117/61
702 00 Ostrava
+420 595 136 899


Apollo Business Centre II, Prievozská 4D
821 09 Bratislava
+420 353 339 600